Below is a description of some of the services we offer. For a more comprehensive list scroll through the Services TabĀ for individual services. Or contact us directly.

Lawn Mowing Services


At Floreat Mowing and Gardening our standard includes mowing, edging and a complete blow down after each job. We use the appropriate lawn mower for your needs using either a cylinder mower or a rotary mower. Each lawn is assessed, and the height cut level is adjusted on the lawn mowers to suit the type of lawn you have. Additionally, we can provide a fertilizing and weed spray program throughout the seasons. At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we take the guess work away by contacting you when the additional care is due for your lawns.

Garden Care Services


Our garden care services can include pruning, green waste removal, rubbish removal, mulching and hand weeding or weed spraying.

Pruning includes but is not limited to hedge work, rose pruning and tidying and maintaining good shrub shape and growth. We do large shrub and small tree removal to ground level, up to four metres high.

Our large tipping trailer means we have the capacity to take green waste away to the tip for you. Furthermore, we can remove rubbish from your yard for house sale or new tenants.

We remove weeds in garden beds by hand or by spraying depending on the garden bed. We offer spraying of driveways and garden paths to keep your entire property looking neat and maintained.

Pressure hosing can also be part of your garden maintenance if required.