Most gardens in Perth rely on some level of reticulation to help them through the long summer months. Even water wise plants require some level of watering in summer.

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There are by- laws in place regarding the use of water in your garden. If you rely on town water, you are allocated two watering days per week. Owning your own bore provides you an extra day watering day in the summer period.  Watering is restricted to before 9 am, or after 6 pm only on your watering days. Your house number determines you watering days. During winter there is a ban on watering from 1st of June to the 31st August each year. Special exemptions  can be issued for new turf or garden beds.  We can set your reticulation system to adjust for extra watering that would be required in this situation.

Reticulation Servicing

The arrival of spring means it time to turn your watering system on. You may find that some of your nozzles have become blocked or broken. We can provide a reticulation check which includes programming your reticulation to the correct times, as well as testing and repairing your system. As part of this service we check whether the nozzles are working well and that the coverage is right for the area. Sometimes as plants grow you may need to add more height to your system so that the water is not blocked by plants. We can do this for you by adding risers to your system. Furthermore there are many different types of nozzles available and we can help you by making sure you have the most efficiently working system using the correct nozzles for your garden. This service is usually only required once a year in springtime.