Weed Spraying


weed spraying

At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we offer a variety of weed spraying options depending on the type of weeds you want eradicated. We cater to all your requirements. For instance, we can spray your lawn for invasive weeds, as well as provide weed eradication for driveways, garden paths and garden beds. At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we have chosen to not use glyphosate as a weed eradicator.

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Weed spraying

Lawn spraying

Weed spraying particularly as part of a lawn care program is essential to keep your lawns looking great. Combine this with fertilizing and a soil wetting program will have your lawn looking fantastic.

For lawns we can advise you on the best times of the year to spray for weeds. When the lawn is sprayed at the correct time of year it will kill the weeds before they seed or form prickles.

For lawn spraying we use a selective herbicide for lawns that won’t kill the grass. The herbicide we use for lawns will kill Broadleaf, Clover and Bindi.

Garden spraying

weed spraying

We use an organic herbicide for garden beds and paths.

We can spray driveways, and pathways with our organic herbicide for all types of weeds that sprout up. Consequently this will keep these areas looking well maintained.

Our garden service can either remove garden weeds by hand or we can also use our organic herbicide in your garden beds. Weeding followed up by mulching garden beds can help keep weeds away as well as provide good protection for your garden beds in summer.

Couch and Kikuyu grasses can be quite invasive. Floreat Mowing and Gardening can weed spray your garden beds to eradicate the spread of this grass.

Contact us to discuss your weed problems. Furthermore we can advise you on the best treatments for your type and location of  weeds.