Garden Care

Please note our gardening/horticulture team is fully booked. Vacancies for regular mowing is still available. 

At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we can provide you with complete garden care. Every garden is different with different needs; therefore, we can tailor a program to suit your requirements. Below is a list of services we can provide.


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Hedge Trimming and Pruning

garden care

We can do a variety of hedge trimming up to two metres in height. Our experts can shape your hedge to your style either sharp edges or soft round edges. We can prune and shape up other garden shrubs and small trees to keep them well maintained and promote healthy growth. We do small tree removals with the height up to four metres.

Rose pruning

rose pruning garden care

Winter is the ideal time for rose pruning. We prune for roses in the months of July and August. All leaves are removed from the bushes as well as the ground to prevent disease in the roses.



Mulching is important in most gardens for a variety of reasons. The mulch provides protection for the plants from the hot dry summer conditions. Water is retained better with mulch to so promotes plant growth. Weeds are greatly reduced when mulch is used. The correct mulch can also add to the soil quality as it breaks down adding nutrients into the soil.



At Floreat Mowing and Gardening weeding in garden beds is one of our most common requests from customers. Weeds are one of the biggest factors that can make your property look tired and unkempt. Once weeds are removed it allows room for plants to grow, as well as improving the appearance of your property. If you combine this with mulch you garden will look 100% better.

Pressure Hosing

Winter is the time of year when you can get algae build up on paths. Pressure hosing removes the algae that can cause slippery paths and steps. Driveways and pathways can become coated with a dirty overlay that pressure hosing will remove.