Lawn Mowing

At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we mow all lawn types including but not limited to Buffalo varieties, Kikuyu and Couch.

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lawn mowing

Our mowing service includes mowing, edging and a complete blow down of each job. Furthermore, we can care for your lawn to your level of requirement. Whether it is a standard mowing service or a complete lawn care maintenance program.

Lawn Edging
Lawn Edging

We can provide weed spraying for Broadleaf, Clover and Bindi in lawns without harming your lawn.  Fertilizing is seasonal and provides necessary nutrients missing in W.A soils. Our fertilizer is specially formulated for W.A conditions to provide the necessary nutrient in a slow release. This means there is no need for watering in the fertilizer, it won’t burn your lawn.

Perth is well known as having one of the highest levels of water-resistant soil in the world. Soil wetting agents are great to ensure your lawn is absorbing the precious water you are using for your lawn and garden beds.

Water resistant soil

Generally, we mow fortnightly in summer as this is a high growth period, to four weekly mowing in winter. This can vary slightly with each job depending on the lawn growth. We service all lawn types including some of the most common W.A lawns listed below. The following lawn types are all good for sandy soil and have a level of drought tolerance.

Lawn types common to W.A

Buffalo varieties have the lowest maintenance requirements. We cut this type of grass on a higher cut to maintain leaf health. Buffalo is a soft leaf variety and is low allergy. It is the least likely to invade garden beds.

Buffalo lawn
Buffalo Lawn

Kikuyu requires a medium maintenance program due to its moderately invasive nature.  It is vital to maintain the edges around the lawn to help prevent the spreading of Kikuyu into surrounding garden beds.

Kikuyu Lawn

Couch is the highest maintenance of all mowing types due to its invasive nature. As it is a low spreading grass we have the mower set on a lower cut level to best care for this type of lawn. Edging is critical for this type of lawn and vigilance is required to hand weed garden beds as couch will invade your beds.

couch lawn
Couch Lawn