Green Waste/Rubbish Removal

With a large tipping trailer, we have the capacity to remove large amounts of green waste and rubbish from your property.

We have many real estate agents as our clients and work with them to clean up properties to be ready for sale or rental. Garden clean ups can sometimes also involve rubbish build up that require tipping. We can cater to these requirements. Rubbish removal is usually the first step we take in a complete garden makeover. Once the garden and block is tidied, garden beds weeded and mulched, lawns mowed and edged a property can look sale ready.

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Green Waste

Garden Green Waste

We will remove all types of green and garden waste. This can include lawn clippings, rose pruning’s, and leaf litter that we can rake up and bag into our special garden sacks. We will also remove any pruning’s from trees and climbing plants such as ivy and bougainvillea.

If it suits, we can also use your green waste bin to dispose of garden litter. Allowing us to use your green waste bin means there is no charge for you for tipping costs. Another way to reduce the need to pay tipping costs is to work around the bulk verge collections in your area. We can neatly place your green waste on your verge ready for your collection.

Rubbish Removal

At Floreat Mowing and Gardening we will also clear a block of rubbish if required. We can dispose of all kinds of household rubbish that can build up in a neglected garden over the years. In the past we have removed all sorts of rubbish from old plants of timber to metal frames, tyres and other miscellaneous items. Rubbish removal is most often required when a house is been prepared for sale or rental. Sometimes we are asked to help with preparing a property for sale by the family of a deceased estate. We handle this with sensitivity and consideration for the family as they go through this emotional time.